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Fashion brands & retailers

We deliver the Tailie plugin for the webshop of the fashion brand or retailer, that selects the correct clothing size that will fit the customer. To enable us to match clothing sizes the fashion brand provides us the product size data. 


Size matching service

Our Tailie engine compares the product size data of the fashion brand with the body measurements of the fashion shopper. Both are stored safely in our database, which enables our engine to realize the size match. We call this the Tailie size matching service.

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The fashion shopper

Use your smartphone to measure yourself with our Tailie App comfortably at home in just a few minutes ! Your smartphone is your virtual measuring tape to determine your exact body measurements. 


You only need to take two photos. We do take your privacy seriously, your photos are not uploaded or saved anywhere. Our engine determines your correct clothing sizes based on the two photos. Now you completed your personal Tailie size pass and are able to buy clothes online that will fit perfectly !